"We are a unique bunch who come with-

  • a. Experience of Theatre,
  • b. Knowledge and understanding of Psychology and
  • c. Sound business acumen from their previous corporate experience or Management degrees.

Over our 8 years of existence in India, we’ve established ourselves as the trusted L&D partners for clients like McKinsey and Company, Cognizant Technologies, Aon Hewitt, Max Life Insurance, Ernst & Young , American Express, PepsiCo, Sopra Group, Bharti Group, Coca-Cola India, Wells Fargo, RBS, etc. who have loved us mainly for our ability to take participants through transformational experiences and design customized solutions for their leadership teams mainly around-

  • 1. Presenting and Communicating Skills
  • 2. Executive and Boardroom Presence
  • 3. Leadership
  • 4. Team Building- Creating star performance in teams.
  • 5. Culture Cascade initiatives

Our USP is that we are no chalk and talk company! As actors, we would spend considerable time studying the roles, KRA’s, lingo, culture, perceived limitations and use these to custom create experiences in our workshops. Your people would come back and ask- “Which department are they from, haven’t seen them before.” It’s this ability that allows us stand tall and claim- that we make dollar-cent impact for our clients.

Come experience us and find out for yourself through any of the workshops below.

Reach us to know more at varun@maynardleigh.in or +91 95601 924443

Upcoming Trainings

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Dramatic Shift Master Class in Personal Performance and Self Expression

 20 Oct 2016 - 22 Oct 2016

 02:00PM to 05:30PM

MaynardLeigh Theatre based Open workshop Personal Impact

 10 Nov 2016 - 11 Nov 2016

 09:30AM to 05:30PM

Theatre Based Presenting with Presence Workshop

 22 Dec 2016 - 23 Dec 2016

 09:00AM to 06:00PM

Theatre Based Presenting with Presence Workshop

 29 Sep 2016 - 30 Sep 2016

 09:00AM to 06:00PM

Our basic approach has a proven and impressive track record:

By developing people's cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills, you can maximise each person's effectiveness and improve organisational performance.

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