“The UK’s most impactful and outstanding presentation event is now in India. For the last twenty five years we have helped thousands of people to communicate with confidence, and speak with passion and conviction. Using challenging and enjoyable methods adapted for business from the theatre, we focus on each person’s unique presenting style. By building confidence we enable people to express their natural creativity and enthusiasm. There is continual professional feedback, along with constant practice, in presenting with energy and conviction. This is a powerful experience that can radically change how people express themselves.


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Delhi, February 19th & 20th, 2015
Venue : Zorba The Buddha 7 Tropical Drive,
Near Ghitorni Metro Station, New Delhi 110030
varun@maynardleigh.in or +91 95601 92443

Upcoming Trainings

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Dramatic Shift Master Class in Personal Performance and Self Expression

 17-Dec-15, 05:00pm

Theatre Based Presenting with Presence Workshop

 24-Mar-16, 09:00am

Theatre Based Presenting with Presence Workshop

 04-Feb-16, 09:00am

Our basic approach has a proven and impressive track record:

By developing people's cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills, you can maximise each person's effectiveness and improve organisational performance.

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